the illusion of time

•September 23, 2012 • Leave a Comment

there is the time to stop & question.
there is a time to let all pass you by,
chasing illusion like a bottomless well.

thinking you had everything.
thinking you could have anything,
why do you question, it?

there is no time to begin with.
there is no ending like you fear for,
each minute is nothing but a illusion.

so what are you here for?


I am just in transition

•April 5, 2012 • Leave a Comment

I heard the story a million times,
of man walking the streets with an empty soul.
He had the looks of a man who understood the world,
and pocket full of shillings from different ends of the earth.

He could grab the panthera by the neck,
and puncture the vein of the arctic fox with the blink of an eye.
He had a life every men on the street would die for,
and pages of woman littered from all walks of life.

Find me my soul, he laments,
and I will show you the world you desire.
If you look into my eyes, I am but just a man,
and a man without a soul is penniless.

Look into his eyes, deep in the soulless world,
and find nothing less than a reflection of yourself.
You think you understand what this life has to offer,
and mock at this soulless man.

But what do you really know of?
For I am but just another man, in transition.


it is alright

•March 14, 2012 • 1 Comment

i miss the sun,
and the smell of cut grass, lingering in the air.
But most of all, i miss me,the one that got away too far.

i ache for the loss,
yet the memories were sweet, while it lasted.
It took the sound of the wind, to raise my eyes,
up where spring has filled the rustling leaves with varying shades of warmth.

Telling me that it is alright, to let them fly.


I’m home

•May 1, 2011 • 1 Comment

Have you ever felt, that you belong,
not to someone or something
but being right here, right now.

Does it bring warmth, to your heart,
not because its cold or chilly
but you knew this is right.

I cant tell you, what cant be explained,
not in words nor figures.
but you have to open your heart,
and listen.

A million things will pass you by,
not one will understand.
but you can and might,
if you wish to listen.




•April 24, 2011 • Leave a Comment

you might lose your senses,
to the mist of fine desert dew.

crystalised under the brewing storm,
each pearl shows you fragments of life.
of the past, and the future.

time does not permit, for her presence to linger.
each facet is a mirror of secret,
which only you can unlock.

you might hold on to her secrets,
battling against the wild sandstorm.

knowing all this while,
that a battle undertaken is twice the battle lost.
still, it is the only hope worth holding on to.

time does not allow, for you to cling on.
each second is a torment of pain,
which only grows thicker.

you might discover your lost cause,
in the midst of your senses.

there is so much you would love to hold on to,
yet nothing belongs to you.
not of the past, nor the future.

time is nothing but a moment.
of nowhere close nor far,
but which you learn to be, for now.


too fast, too soon

•February 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

you know, when time stand still at 5.23am
& you see how each color on the sky finds itself embracing each other.
for the desire to create the perfect palette
bringing colors back to your cheeks.
even when you begin to question.

there will be no answers
just as there will be nothing to begin with.
Unraveling the mysteries of life
is as good as unraveling the petals of the flower.
you will find nothing where it begins.

nature evolves and has been all this time
be still and let your weary soul rest awhile.
listen like it is your first time
for the answer is by your side.
you just never knew, because you were running.

too fast, too soon.


four past midnight

•December 6, 2009 • Leave a Comment

four past midnight
the window frosted with kisses from the east
i kept my palm flat on the pane
wishing the cold could come bring it away

the window drunk with showers of love
i kept my face against the pane
wishing to be closer once more

the time of the month
the window blinded with darkness of the night
i kept my lips close to the pane
wishing to whisper secrets of the past

the wings of the angel
sitting by the ledge drinking in the storm from the east
waiting for the package to arrive
before setting it ablaze

sending the ashes far wide and beyond.